Michelle is a Circle member of over 16 years, she lives in the heart of Lincolnshire (Bomber County) with her husband JP, her step daughter Sophie and her two cats Blue & Jessica.

Michelle runs the family metal fabrication business alongside her father and closest counsel Alan, she also assists JP with the administration of his Embroidery company. In her spare time…. Well, she would like usto say that her spare time is taken up learning new languages and working out in theGym but in honesty, whatever spare time she has is probably going to be dedicated to Netflix, Amazon Prime or swimming (COVID permitting).

At the age of… well, 40 something… she’s not a massive fan of noise (she calls most music noise) and she has a deep mistrust of nature. If you ask her to go on a hike or a ramble, she will ask what she did to deserve to be punished. She is also phobic of mushy peas, beetroot and bananas… she loves pink lady apples and tomato soup and has been inspired by her counterpart in Round Table (Matt Eaton) to begin writing a soup recipe book… let’s just say we should wait before congratulating Matt on such a fabulous idea.

If Michelle had heroes, they would be those inconveniently inspirational women throughout history. She loves the stories about Baroness Trumpington; the Bletchley Park code breaker who became an MP and served as a Cabinet Minister under Margaret Thatcher before entering the House of Lords. She also loves to read factual history books about female figures through history including Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Florence Nightingale & Catherine the Great. She reads a lot of modern philosophers but her favourites are Nietzche, Marcuse and Hobbes (yes, we rifled through her bookshelves)!

Michelle’s talents do not include a particularly well developed sarcasm meter, she also tends to speak out loud before the thought is fully formed in her head and it has often been commented that JP’s most common conversation starter is “What Michelle meant to say was….” –so, this is going to be a fun journey!

Whatever comes next, we can be sure that the authentic Michelle will be on duty. She will work for Circle, she will fight for Circle and she will do her best to make sure no member ever stands alone. If you’re a young woman and you’re not in Circle… she can’t wait to meet you & win you over. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!!!

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