As you all know… Michelle tied a few things she loves together in the logo for her term and incorporated one of the most beautiful film quotes we’ve ever heard (and from the glorious Alan Rickman too); “After all this time? Always.”

The idea of incorporating her tragic Potterhead identity into her term wasn’t an accident or homage to her geekiness, she thought that as a Family we could do with something to bring us together and allow us to enjoy some fun banter, some competitive events and help us remember what we mean to each other as Associations.

So, for the course of 2021, we will be running a series of weekly online events and inviting our friends within the family to join in. It is called the HOUSE CUP and we have been loaned the Sorting Hat to help arrange everyone into teams. We’re hoping that by splitting the whole of Circle, Tangent and even LCI into houses, we can encourage more interaction and hopefully help build new connections despite geography.

The ‘Sorting’ has taken place for Ladies Circle GB&I, for our sister Associations within Ladies Circle International and for our distinguished alumni in Tangent.

At the end of 2021, the points will be tallied and the winning house will be announced at the Ladies Circle AGM in 2022. We hope you enjoy the competition and get to know us all better along the way. Every member of Ladies Circle GB&I in the winning house will receive a WINNER’S MEDAL which house members from LCI and Tangent will also be able to buy if they would like (with any profits going to Michelle’s charity partners; Rape Crisis England and Wales, Rape Crisis Northern Ireland and Rape Crisis Scotland).

So, #GetInvolved, make some #NewFriends and remember, it’s #Always good to try new things.

These are the House Sortings for Ladies Circle GB&I, Ladies Circle International and Tangent Clubs GB&I: