Serving as President was never a role that I thought would be easy, I wanted to be the best servant, the best cheerleader, the best instigator I could possibly be and I knew it would be a challenge. Now, we have a new world to operate in and so much has changed…. but not all for the worse.

In my 16 years as a member, our value to our Communities and our Countries has never been clearer. We have Circles across GB&I taking action to support those in real need, whether that is by supporting foodbanks in Manchester, equipping healthcare professionals in Huntingdon, offering practical solutions to carers, hospitals and emergency services in Lichfield, by delivering bespoke care packs for nursing home residents in Spalding and by instigating free fresh fruit provision for local schools in Petersfield…. It’s been a sight to see, a real sight to see.

The actions of our members across GB&I since March have shown me that we know what’s needed, we know where we want to get to, we also know the challenges we face – but my god, it’s also shown me how we can leave those challenges in the dust when we see a way we can help.

The old saying goes that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, we now know that for Circlers it’s more a case of, ‘we’ll make a friend indeed of those in need’, the goodwill that our members have created this year, just by doing what they do because…. Because it’s all they know…. That has been the best introduction to Circling in the 21st Century so far and that’s all thanks to the hard work, the passion and the commitment shown by our fabulous members.