Circling today bears no resemblance to Circling in 1936 or even in 2006 and that’s great, that’s what our founders intended.  We have a proud history and part of that is bound in our founding principles of Friendship and Service but there is no escaping it, There is more Louis Marchesi in Circle than we realise.  We adopt, we adapt and we improve with every generation of Circler, it’s what makes us so open to new ideas, to new members, to new friends.  No single President can or should hope to influence this constant growth and re-birth, I’ve had a longer time than I expected to consider those amazing women who have worn this chain and what I remember the most from those I have watched and been inspired by is their capacity to cheerlead, to share our stories and to leave every member with a feeling of ‘I’ve got this!’.

I’ll be here to listen to where you want to go, what you want to do… and then make sure you have the tools and the support to get it done.  I’m going to work to make sure you have an exec that is more accessible than has ever been possible before, your National Council will have more opportunities to direct us, challenge us and inspire us than ever before and thanks to Circler World and this new online experience, there will be more opportunities for the membership to come together to share ideas and set directions than ever before.  The challenge is for us to determine how we administer Circle, how we grow our membership numbers and how we retain the relevance and standing in our communities that you all worked so hard to develop during this year.

We have an exciting opportunity to come back together in 2021 with a renewed sense of what it is to be together, to tell our stories and congratulate each other on our successes.  Today marks the start of a new story that we are going to write together.  Don’t be afraid of what the past has said is possible, every single one of you is a leader and you’re going to lead Circle to our 85th Celebration and I will be with you every step of the way.