As part of the Ladies Circle GB&I family, our Circles in Scotland have traditionally formed area groups to help build local ties between neighbouring Circles. This is no different to Ladies Circle in England, Wales or indeed Northern Ireland.

This year, our Scottish members have decided to come together to form one single Area / Region within Ladies Circle GB&I and re-name it as Ladies Circle Scotland.

It’s been a fabulous project to see come to fruition and I know how proud the girls are of their heritage as well as their place in the Ladies Circle family. The absolute best part of this is their new Logo which is also available as a Pin Badge.

The information about how this logo was formed is best shared using the words from LC Scotland below:

“Unicorns are associated with purity, strength and power. Pretty admirable qualities, don’t you think? They’re also proud and untameable – two words many people would use to describe Scots throughout history.

Since the 15th Century, many monarchs of Scotland have used the unicorn in their coat of arms. Kings have favoured the mythical beast because they considered it to be the best representation of power. Moreover, the unicorn is undefeatable.

In fact, unicorns were believed to be so strong that only Kings and virgin maidens could keep them captive. Kings were able to do this due to their divine right to ruler-ship and virgins are as pure and innocent as the unicorns themselves.

The British coat of arms depicts a unicorn and a lion flanking a shield. The lion is the national animal of England, and the unicorn represents Scotland; both of which are part of the British empire.

The 5 stars on the logo represent the 5 Scottish Clubs of 2020 that came together to form Ladies Circle Scotland and develop the new logo.”

There are currently Circles in Ellon, Falkirk, Kinross, Strathaven and Troon with hopes to re-charter Callendar in the near future. You can make contact with Ladies Circle Scotland through their Facebook page – (5) Ladies Circle Scotland | Facebook or you can email them on