Every President develops their own logo, their own theme and a story for their term.  These are to engage our members for sure, but they are also there to serve as a bridge and allow us to reach out to young women and introduce them to Circle in a relatable way.

The #Always theme was built as a nod to my Harry Potter fangirl reputation but also an acknowledgement of how long Circle has been with us.  We are due to celebrate our 85th Anniversary in 2021 and I wanted to recognise that the celebration also encompasses a promise to be here for another 85 years.

Put quite simply, the hashtag #Always is a promise, it’s a mark of faith that Circle will always endure.

The logo is another less subtle nod to the Potter franchise but chosen for more than that reason – the triangle surrounding the Ladies Circle Rondel is a recognition of our Alumni in Tangent UK and the tag line of “After all this time” is another reference to our 85 years of service and friendship.

Every Presidential logo is so very different to anything that came before, I hope that this little bit of magical make believe becomes associated with some great memories for our members, both new and old.